Red blotchy rash on mons pubis and left labia majora swollen. No abnormal discharge or smells, and no pain.

Eruption. Is this eruption itchy? If so it could be a yeast infection or allergic reaction to something that comes in contact with the area. I recommend that you have an examination by your physician or gynecologist for diagnosis and treatment.

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I have a single underskin pimple under mons pubis area on labia majora area. I have no STDs been tested. How should I treat this or doctor visit?

A few ideas. If you have an isolated infection (acne) in this area you can do a few things. 1) leave it alone, chances are within a few days/week it will go away; 2) if you feel the need (i don't recommend) you can pop it if it has a white head, and clean area throughly with dilute mixture of hydrogen peroxide. I don't think you need a doctor visit unless looks liek something other than acne. Read more...

Two days ago I shaved my mons pubis, vulva, inner and outer lips, and my perineum area. I wanted to be completely hairless down there before I got intimate that night. I used water and a cheap razor (careless move). Now I have red bumps (some have puss on

R/O CELLULITIS. Cellulitis is a superficial skin infection that can be caused after an abrasion or rupture of a boil . Keep the area clean and apply topical antibiotics. Seek prompt evaluation for potential need of oral antibiotics/X-ray /labs. F/U with your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen, oral antibiotics may be needed. Read more...