Flu for 5 days despite of flu shot. Still have fever, aches, chills, no appetite, mild cough, headache, exhaustion. Still contagious? How long?

See your doctor. One of the biggest problems from the flu is the chance of secondary bacterial infections, including sinusitis and pneumonia. Fever for 3-4 days can be normal, but with 5 days of it, it is time to be seen. You are contagious for 5-7 days after the onset of symptoms. If you have shortness of breath, dizziness, blurry vision, go to the ER. The vaccine only protects 60% of folks.

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Got fever/chills and headache about 2 weeks ago, next day I had to take a flu shot (army) I didn't have fever but was still sick. Still cough /sore thr?

Ok. Sounds typical for viral URI (common cold). Flu vaccination would tend to exacerbate the ongoing inflammatory response to the cold, and cough/sore throat can be the more persistent symptoms as you recover. Expect continued resolution over the next week and adequate rest/hydration is best approach to expedite recovery. Read more...

Lower back, legs, spine and shoulders hurt. Temp of 100.5, woke up with cough and sore throat/lungs. Dull headache. Had a flu shot. Any ideas?

Sounds like flu symp. Even though u have had a flu shot u r not sure of 100% protection from the flu. Treat it as such. But if u r not improving or develop new symptoms such as neck pain with head movement or neck flexion, c ur pcp right away. Read more...