At what blood pressure should a 28 year old with good health go to the hospital? And at what BP should I take aspirin or Bayer to be cautious?

BP. Your question suggests you are anxious about something related to your BP. We don't presently recommend aspirin prophyllaxis unless the patient is at high risk for an event which platelet inhibition might help. Blood pressure over 140/90 is generally agreed to be abnormal but that doesn't require an ER visit. Headache or other symptoms with a BP over 170 systolic would be a reason to go to hospit.

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Can I take a baby aspirin everyday? 18 years old and have high blood pressure. Benefits and side effects?

Y would U want to? Baby Aspirin helps prevent clots (thus heart attacks and ischemic (clot-related) type strokes. Unfortunately, by the same token, it increases with risk of bleeding including hemorrhagic (bleeding-type) strokes. No study i'm familiar with has shown benefit for Aspirin for anyone under the age of 50. Even 40 year old men showed no benefit for primary prevention. (people without disease). Read more...