Can I get yeast infection on buttock? Largish Skin eruption, purplish, feels rough, possible blisters (can't see well)...sore to touch or w pressure.

Skin Lesion. Don't worry get it checked out. It needs to be looked at either by your primary physician or a dermatologist. It could be a patch of dry skin to a skin cancer. Put your fears to rest by checking to see what it is. It could even be shingles.

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I have a rash on the head and around the rim of my penis. No itch. No skin raised. Mild soreness. I think it might be a yeast infection? Treatment?

See a doctor. Genital skin problems are quite common and there are too many possibilities to make even an educated guess. No STD is a likely cause of such a rash, but that's about all that can be said. See a doctor -- and avoid any self treatment before you are seen, which could make diagnosis more difficult. Read more...