What will cause tender breast, some cramping from time to time, and weight gain in stomach? I have taken pregnancy tests but they are negative.

Breast tenderness. Hormonal changes can give you these symptoms. Have our harmones levels checked, also have TSH checked.increase water intake, cutting down on chocolates , sodas , coffee, etc may ease the breast tenderness. Also take vit E 800 units a day . If sym still persist see your gyn .

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Had m/c in july&have been having sex now am having sore breast, cramps, weight gain. Went for urine test&was negative but confused because of the symptom?

Hormones. If the pregnancy test was negative and yet you are having those symptoms of pregnancy, it's possible the symptoms are due to hormonal changes. Or it's possible you're weakly positive and it just hasn't shown up yet. If you've missed a period, take another test. If you haven't missed a period, wait until you do and then take a test. Good luck! Read more...