If I do have an ovarian cyst, how is it removed?

Cyst Rx options. 1.) Oral contraceptive pill hormonal suppression. 2) Laparoscopic aspiration or cystectomy. 3) If the cyst is small, do nothing and wait for Mother Nature to remove by the next menstrual cycle.
It depends. It depends on the type of cyst. If it a follicle (ovulation) cyst it will go away on its own. If it does not go away within a month or two, it may need to be drained or removed, which can be done laparoscopically.

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Female, 19y/o, single. I have an ovarian cyst. 2010 until present. They became twins and the other one is a dermoid cyst. Is it necessary to be removed?

Yes. If you have a dermoid cysts of the ovary, while it is not urgent, it should eventually be removed. It will continue to slowly grow over time and may be harder to save the ovary if it gets too big. Read more...

Got an ovarian cyst removed, can I still have children?

Many do. As long as you have one healthy ovary and tubes a pregnancy is possible. Removal of an ovarian cyst does not necessarily ruin the ovary it came from. Read more...

I'm 20 and im in pain all the time due to my ovarian cysts. Would you recommend I have them removed? What can I do to lower the pain?

Depends on what . The cysts are and why they are there. If pain is a sigiificant issue i'd see a gyn doctor very soon for an opinion; if you are worried about fertiltiy issues as well see a re or fertility specialist. Read more...