What should be the approximately cost of rhinoplasty and mentoplasty?

Cost of Rhinoplasty. The cost of a rhinoplasty will depend on 1) the surgeon; 2) the complexity of the procedure; 3) if it is a primary of revision procedure; 4) if it is primarily for "function" or "form"; 5) what area of the country you live in. Chin aug adds a bit more. A consultation with a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon is your best bet to find out what pricing will be.
Depends a lot. On where you live...A night in a hotel in nebraska is a lot less than a hotel in nyc, even though the rooms may be very similar. Seek consultations with at least 2 different facial plastic surgeons in your area to get a better feeling.
Here's a guess. Total surgical fees are dependent on many factors: anesthesia, facility cost and the reputation of the surgeon. According to the asps website, the average 2011 surgeon fee for rhinoplasty was about $4500. The average 2011 surgeon fee for mentoplasty was about $1800. Hope this helps.
Varies. The cost will vary by geographic location and degree of surgery. Total cost should range between $7500-$10000.
Varies by location. For the combined procedure the costs would tend to be from $6000 and up depending on your location.