Can a mentoplasty procedure be done by using local anesthesia?

No. The procedure is not always quick and it is not easy go adequate anesthesia with just local anesthesia. I prefer to do a general endotracheal anesthesia which provides a safe set up for the surgeon to do a good mentoplasty.
Depends... On what kind of mentoplasty you are talking about. Chin implants can be inserted with good local anesthesia and light sedation (in the right kind of patient.) if you are talking about a genioplasty (where the bone of the chin is cut and moved), this requires a general anesthetic.
Yes, but. I would suspect that you might prefer some IV sedation as well. Please check with your anesthesiologists about how best to do this case.

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Can a mentoplasty procedure be done by using local anesthesia without general anesthesia?

Mentoplasty. The answer really depends on how involved the planned surgery will be. If its straight forward then yes local anesthesia is quite fine, if there is going to be any work on the mandible then perhaps you may need sedation or general. Discuss with the surgeon and then decide.
Maybe. Mentoplasty can be done by inserting an implant on top of the chin bone under local or general anesthesia. It can also be done by cutting and advancing the chin bone. This requires a general anesthesia.
Yes, but. I suspect you would prefer some sedation as well. I don't think a general anesthetic would be required. Talk to you physician.