Heart murmur just below the left clavicle and pointed P waves 3-3.5 mm on ECG causes?

Question. What you describe is quite nonspecific. A pulmonary murmur with peaked p waves of right ventricular load/right atrial enlargement would fit this but so could multiple other things.

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My doctor heard what she called a "slight heart murmur" and did a ekg which was normal. Now she's ordered me an Ecg and im so nervous! Whats the diffe?

Echocardiography . Echo is ultrasound to visualize the heart valves and structure and further analyze the cause of murmur. EKG is does not visualize the heart but only analyze the heart rhythm and cannot diagnose the source of a murmer. Don't worry as hearing a murmer does not always mean a heart disease as some murmers are physiologic i.e normal . Good luck with the echo. Read more...

I have heart murmur and I sometimes feel my hear skip a beat and I get scared I went to Heart Specialist and did a Ekg and Echo came back good?

Murmur. A heart murmur. A murmur is just noise. Sometimes serious problems cause a murmur many times a murmur is caused by normal flow. Patients often mistranslate what the dr. Tells them. Ask your doc about your situation. Read more...