After sex, I feel my heart pounding, shortness of breath, and it feels like anxiety, what's wrong?

A couple of things.. This may be due to a spike of oxytocin after sexual orgasm that can dilate blood vessels, speed up the heart, and lower blood pressure. It is a natural occurrence and may be more intense in some people. Also, there is a complex interaction between the brain and peripheral nervous system that can also cause some of your symptoms. Anxiety is not a normal part of the response and may be more social.
Heart. Many "depends". For example how long after sex does this last. Is this something that happens with exercise also? This could be from simple anxiety attack to some cardiovascular etiology. Your pcp should be able to help you with a more detailed explanation, physical exam and particular tets.

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When I work hard I get a thumping pain in my chest heart pounding extreme sweating shortness of breath dissyness feeling sick?

Stop typing. I don't want to sound like an alarmist but these are not good symptoms. I would leave your computer right now and see your internist or a cardiologist. Even better you should go to the emergency room immediately. Read more...

Ran longer than usual, heart pounding, short of breath when I was resting. Do I do more or less next time?

Exhaustion. If you were uncomfortable and felt unwell after running, then clearly you should run less next time. It is normal to have fatigue and heavy panting after a hard run, but it should not make you actually feel sick. If you're feeling sick, something is wrong, and you should change your work-out routine. Read more...

I have high triglycerides today I ate salad and two pieces of pizza felt tired short of breath and pinches in my chest, felt heart pounding?

Not enough for diag. There is not enough information to make a diagnosis. The pounding in your chest plus fatigue suggests either an irregular heart rhythm or anxiety, but there are several other possibilities. Get yourself checked as soon as possible; if you still feel poorly get checked now. Avoid driving until you get this sorted out. Read more...