I have a lump in the back of my head on the lower right side it's been there for a month I've been dizzy having neck pain & eye pain. Should I worry?

Head lump and dizzy. Since the head lump is new and now you have dizziness and neck pain, you should get seen by your doctor to be examined. Good luck, prayers to you. .
Maybe. Please consider seeing a health care professional for an assessment and diagnosis of whether the lump and symptoms are related.
Medical visit. Any persistent/worsening neurologic symptoms should be evaluated at a face to face medical visit.

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What could cause of neck pain, eye pain when I look up or to the sides, but only in one eye, and dizziness?

See your doctor. There are several conditions that can cause the symptoms that you described. Although some may be benign, there are others that should be treated. I suggest you see an eye doctor as soon as these symptoms appear. Read more...
Eye Pain. This could be serious. Eye pain may be caused by infection or inflammation. It may rarely be caused by optic neuritis. In any case, it is worth seeing your local ophthalmologist for help. Read more...