Why would an impact injury to the maxilla be more difficult to recover from than a long bone fracture?

Maxilla injury. A facial fracture that is a result of an impact injury may depress the maxilla. This may need to be surgically reduced and fixed. Since the maxilla articulates with the mandible, chewing can be a problem. Long bone fractures can also have problems healing with delayed and nonunion. It depends on the location of the long bone fracture and if it is displaced or not.

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How difficult is it to recover a long bone fracture?

Somewhat. It takes time for the fracture to heal. During that time joints can get stiff and muscles get weak. It takes time to rehab. Difficulty depends on how bad the break is and the amount of soft tissue damage.

Doctors told that I have to undergo for a surgery for surgical correct ion of long bone fracture My qstn is after accident in how much time It will do?

I'm confused! I don't quite understand your question. But if you are wondering when to get the surgery, discuss the best timing with your doctor. If you are wondering about how long it takes to recover, again that question is best asked by your doctor, who knows how serious your injury is and will have a better idea after the surgery is done, because he will have seen the extent of the damage.