I am very grateful for your taking the time to talk to me. I have extreme anxiety and panic disorder. To the point my heart races and sometimes can't?

Anxiety. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks can be targeted by different methods. From medications to behavioral techniques. These medications can be beta blockers, benzodiazepines, and something asomething as simple as meditation with exercise can have significant impact. Avoiding and learning to manage the situations that cause this is Key. Best of Luck! Cheers C @christianassad.

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Does having an Anxiety disorder/Panic Disorder place me in the category as "faint of heart? Like when things say "not for the faint of heart."

Anxiety, Panic. I understand your concern for" Faint of Heart" Anxiety and panic Disorder can have heart palpitations, chest discomfort This does not mean that you are in the Category "Faint of Heart" as Panic attack usually comes to an end gradually on its own and rarely lasts beyond 10 minutes.. stressors of relationships with parents, boy friend ,school and work can cause anxiety/Panic, See a Therapist. Read more...