Chest pain, non strenuous, non cardiac, left or rt side, radiates up neck and jaw, ends with lethargy and headache. No rhyme or reason.

Esophageal. SPASM...also known as "Cardiospasm" since IT MIMICS Heart Pain or Angina.....also BTW RESPONDS TO Sublingual Nitroglycerin!!! This is associated with GERD.!! Tell your Primary Care Provider about this idea! Hope this helps Dr Z.

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No rhyme/reason resting chest pain radiates up neck intense lasting 15-30mins, cardiac work up all normal 1900 pvc's in 48hrs, no chest trauma, advice?

Vasospasm. What if the muscles in the wall of an artery in heart clamps down, with resultant decreased flow of blood, then opens? In theory, workup could be negative and yet you have a problem. A medicine to relax those muscles would help. Other non cardiac causes, thereafter. But you have pvcs. Read more...