Hello Dr Bennett, I have experienced hardening of the bladder wall after chemo and radio treatment for stage 4 bladder cancer, will this condition go?

Will remain. Best results are for lesions of the mucosa. Once bladder wall invaded, especially with extension beyond the bladder then depending on overall situation, radical cystectomy with neobladder utilized. If lesion too advanced primary lesion therapy may be relegated to local RT chemo for control of symptoms.

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I had chemo and radio therapy for stage 4 bladder cancer, after 6 months a CT said it went to stage 1. No blood/pain but now thickened bladder wall?

Here are some… Congratulation for experiencing favorable response to chemo & radiotherapy for stage IV cancer. The bladder wall thickening with subsequent more urinary frequency is entirely expected. I'm sure your doctor will instruct you how to cope with it. Of note, despite favorable response, a lifelong follow-up it is still needed. For more individual detail, ask your urologist & oncologists. Best wish… Read more...