What the success rate of a lung transplant surgery?

Survival data. Very good at 1 year with average us survival of 90 percent. This falls to 50 percent at five years and 10 percent survival at 10 years. That said there are patients who have lived twenty plus years after a lung transplant.
About 85 to 90% firs. About 85 to 90% first year survival at busy elite centers.

Related Questions

For what could they do a lung transplant surgery?

ESLD. End stage lung disease, this includes copd, cystic fibrosis, brochilitis obliterans, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, primary pulmonary hypertension, alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency related emphysema.

Emphysema. Up to what age can they do a lung transplant surgery?

65. Most centers have an upper age of 65, but this can vary slightly depending on underlying health (co-morbidities) and accuracy of the match.

My father has gone under a lung transplant surgery and he's not able to sleep and he's nauseous everyday. Can eating some cannabinoid edibles help him?

NO!! Cannabis has effects on the immune system that could be potentially a problem for anybody who has had a transplant and is on anti-rejection drugs which already compromise the immune system. In addition, it has potential drug interactions. There is a prescription drug, marinol, that his doctors could prescribe if they feel it is appropriate. This should be something he should discuss with his doc.

Do people ever have a second lung transplant surgery?

Yes. Depending on their health and reason for the failure of the first transplant people can receive second lung transplants.

How long do people live after lung transplant surgery?

It varies. It is too variable to answer accurately; my patient with a combined heart lung transplant is over 14 years and he is still going strong.

A second lung transplant surgery, should I be concerned?

Always with reason. There is always the attendant risk of surgery, and anesthesia, and since it is your second you have been on immunosuppression and you have to be more careful with infections and sometimes you are simply weaker. It is needed and I am sure your doctors are always doing their best. I wish you all the luck and as always, I always pray for everyone.

How long does a standard single lung transplant surgery take?

Lung Transplant. Having a lung transplantation involves a commitment to taking medications and management of possible infection and rejection episodes. The surgery itself may take a few hours, but then there is a recovery time, and close follow up visits with your transplant specialist.

Will having lung transplant surgery effect your singing voice?

Maybe. The surgery itself may damage your vocal cords through manipulation for the intubation and subsequent intensive care; also the new lung may have a different capacity for the volume of singing, once you recover. Good luck!

I did a lung transplant surgery on december 25 and im home now. But lately im having really severe headaches and my fever is 40.5. Is that normal?

ER visit. Fever after transplant demands immediate clinical evaluation because you are on anti-rejection drugs that affect your ability to fight infection. Please go to the ER and call your doctor's office and speak to the transplant surgeon on call. Doctors need to find any possible source of infection and culture your sputum, blood, urine, and possibly biopsy your graft. Good luck.
Fever is not normal. Best to see the transplant doctors as they are best in determining if this condition is related to a rejection phenomenon, and that is really the worst thing it could be, but treatable and should not be ignored. Call the team right away.