Alternating bowel movements of green stools with some black dots of constipation ad diarrhea, bloated, small poop comes outs18 years old colon cancer?

Diet. The appearance of feces varies according to diet, your level of hydration, your gut's microbial flora, medications, and your bodies own makeup. Colin cancer is rare in an 18 year old. It may cause blood to appear in the stool but often just small amounts that is not visible, and requires a chemical test. Cancer does not typically cause diarrhea except for a rare form called villous adenoma. .

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Feeling bloated, green stools, little poo comes out, feel fine, bowel movements changed with either diarrhea or constipation? Stressed, colon cancer?

Not at all likely. I've been a medical oncologist for 30 years, and I've never seen colon cancer in someone as young as you. I suppose it has happened sometime somewhere, but you're probably more likely to win the lottery than to have colon cancer at your age. Read more...