Why do I have foot numbness & lower leg weakness?

Foot numbness. If its unilateral, it could be due to spine related problem. If bilateral, more systemic cause is likely, eg diabetes, neuropathy.

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What can I do for foot numbness & lower leg weakness?

Numbness. The right thing to do is to see your neurologist. Sounds like a nerve impingement.
See a doctor. You need to see a neurosurgeon or orthopedist for evaluation.

Best way to treat foot numbness & lower leg weakness?

It depends. The cause of the weakness and numbness needs to be determined before rendering treatment.

A wk ago I sat for 5 hrs crosslegged, with some pain especially near the end. The bottom of my foot is still tingling and feel lower leg weakness?

Nerve issue. It sounds like your position may have put pressure on part of your sciatic nerve. Give it a few weeks. If it doesn't improve, may want to have it checked by a Chiropractor.

What is the definition or description of: Lower leg weakness?

Foot to leg. Described as a weakness in the muscle strength of the muscles located in the leg area, between the knee and the foot. These muscles have a primary purpose of influencing the foot's movement in relation to the leg.

Can lower leg weakness be a part of type 2 diabetes?

Vascular disease. Lower leg weakness can be a sign of many things including diabetes, type ii. Diabetes can cause pad and swelling in the legs leading to heaviness and weakness in the legs. If you have concerns please visit a podiatrist for an evaluation or visit www. Eastpennfoot. Com for more information.

Can lower leg weakness be attributed to type 2 diabetes?

Yes. A complication of diabetes mellitus, no matter what type 1 or 2, is peripheral neuropathy. Weakness but more commonly numbness are symptoms of neuropathy. You should consult with your physician urgently regarding this weakness.

Is having lower leg weakness a frequent part of type 2 diabetes?

Not frequent but. Could happen. Weakness in the leg in diabetes caused by neuropathy because of the effect on the sensory nerve more than motor nerve in diabetes, weakness does not happen often.