Why causes sudden loss of bladder control?

Lots of things . Bladder infection is the most common but neurological diseases like ms, parkinsons or even diabetes should be considered.
Sudden loss of urine. Sudden loss of urine may be caused by overactive bladder or by poor support of the bladder with leaking with stress activities such as cough, laughing, etc. Over active bladder may be caused by foods, medications, lack of estrogen, infection, incomplete emptying, etc. Leaking with stress is most often associated with a history of childbirth. It can however be a result of aging.

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Is loss of bladder control the same thing as incontinence?

Yes. Incontinenece is the loss of bladder control. Sometimes this is due to stress and change in abdominal pressure like with coughing / sneezing / laughing. Sometimes, there is incontinence due to an over full bladder and poor muscle tone of the bladder. And, sometimes incontinence is due to nerve damage to the bladder which also changes the muscle tone. Read more...
Yes. There are several types of incontinece, urge, stress and overflow. Urge incontinence may require medication. Stress incontinence may respond to exercise or a quick in office procdure called renessa. Other surgeries are more extensive. Timed voiding, justy emptying your bladder every your or 2 can go a long way toward managing the problem. Renessa is new. You can contact me about it. Read more...