Gave birth 5 weeks ago, if I had cervical cancer would my gyno have been able to tell? Had HPV and colposcopy 5 years ago, had clear paps after

Maybe not. Not necessarily. Cervical cancer is not always visually obvious. Unless your Gyn did a pap and/or biopsy during your pregnancy, they may not know. Most Ob/Gyns will do a pap-smear as part of your routine pregnancy care. Best wishes!

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Hpv with colposcopy 5 years ago had clear pap after birth of son 3 years ago so haven't had pap in 3 years recently gave birth and have back pain?

Get a pap-smear. Your back pain is probably not related to the abnormal pap-smear history; however, it would be wise to get a follow-up pap since you have a history of HPV and no pap in 3 years. Best wishes! Read more...

Hpv 5 years ago had colposcopy done had clear paps after. Gave birth 3 years ago and 5 weeks ago haven't had a pap in 3 years do I still have to worry?

Re-exposure. Abnormal pap smears come from an infection with the human papilloma virus, which is sexually transmitted. The only way for a woman to be sure that she has not been exposed to HPV, is by testing. Read more...