I have slightly elevated INTACT PTH and slightly below normal IONIZED CALCIUM, does this confirm that I have kidney disease?

Not necssarily. Elevated PTH can cause kidney stones> Whoever ordered those tests knows you better,and by the way why did they order these lab tests ? That is not a routine tests done on patients unless you presented with some symptoms. Why not ask the doctor who ordered them.

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Now that my IONIZED CALCIUM is low and my INTACT PTH is high, does it mean or does it confirm that I have kidney disease?

Not diagnostic. Hi. Low ionized calcium and high PTH (a condition called secondary hyperparathyroidism) is in no way diagnostic of kidney disease. Secondary hyperparathyroidism may be seen in kidney disease. Kidney disease is usually diagnosed by an elevated serum creatinine and sometimes by other things like protein or blood in the urine. There are common non-kidney causes of secondary hyperparathyroidism. Read more...

Does low ionized calcium level in the blood mean having kidney disease? Please explain.

Not necessarily. There are other more common causes, like Vitamin D deficiency. Typically if someone has checked your calcium they have also checked your kidney function (specifically creatinine), so if you are worried about your kidneys you could ask your doctor. Read more...