Boxers fracture about 3 weeks ago and was put in a splint I can take off. My finger has no motion. Will it always be like that?

Therapy will help. Immobilization with a splint is required for fracture healing, but once adequate healing occurs (minimal tenderness at fracture site is often best indicator of healing), motion to regain full function is necessary. Occupational therapy may be indicated if early progress is not noted. Speak with your treating orthopaedic surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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Is a splint better then a cast for a 5th Metacalful boxers fracture my hole hand 4 fingers and arm in half cast and want to use index and middle finga?

Varies. If you have a distal 5th metacarpal fracture, then some variant of a "clam digger" splint or cast is applied. This involves immobilizing the 4th and 5th finger, and flexing them down an bout 70-99 degrees. There is no benefit or need to immobilize the thumb, index, or middle finger. Read more...