What's the percentile of succesful vbac after 2 csections. Last csection 2/25/09 I'm due Jan 30th?

VBAC. I don't recommend you consider a VBAC after two c sections. Your risk of uterine rupture, which is now much higher than VBAC after one c section. Your success for VBAC in general is however dependent upon why your first c section was done for. You need to discuss this with your OB, who may not even do VBACs.
Individualized care. The chances of success are going to depend on the size of the baby, the shape of your pelvis and the strength of your labor contractions. Individualized counseling will be needed between you and your doctor to assess your chances of success and also to discuss the risks associated with VBAC. Although some will many doctors are not willing to take on the risks of a VBAC after 2 c sections.