Does anyone has any experiences to share about liposuction, lipozine or lipozap?

Yes and no. There is a flood of new devices, technologies, techniques and all sorts of brand names that purport to remove fat without downtime, surgery, bruising, etc. The simple fact is that none of them come close to the results you can get with traditional liposuction. For fat limited to a small area, some of these techniques might work for you. If you want true sculpting see an experienced plastic surgeon.
Different. These are three different treatments. The best way to remove unwanted fat is to diet and exercise. Liposuction is very effective in removing unwanted localized fat. Non invasive treatments and pills have very little effect on fat.
Be Careful! Unfortunately for the “consumer”, there are many different terms used to describe the liposuction surgical procedures. Many of these procedures are simply marketing techniques used by different practitioners. Also, unfortunately there is minimal regulation involved when it comes to who can perform these procedures and the terminology employed etc. Patients need to do their own due diligence.
Destroy vs remove. Lipozap is a combination of procedures intended to destroy fat withou technically extracting it. It combines a combination of radio frequency, heat and injections(mesotherapy) to destroy the fat. Your body must absorb and eli i ate the dead fat cells. Liposuction uses a metal cannula to vacuum out the fat. At the end of the procedure you can literally see the fat in a canister. Not true with lipoz.