Why don't lipase inhibitors not stop 100% of the fat in the diet from being absorbed?

Orlistst lipase inhi. Orlistat is a lipase inhibiter and has a role in fat absorption, but the dosage approved by fda, are not enough to affect 100% blockage of fat absorption.Only 25 to 30% of fat is not absorped by taking the approved doses of orlistat.

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How do lipase inhibitors stop the fat in the diet being absorbed?

Orlistat. Orlistat is lipase inhibiter and is used to loose weight in over weight individuals with low fat, low calorie diet and exercise.So fat is in not absorped in its entirity and is passed undigested in stools.So total calorie absorption is reduced and because of the side effects which are not pleasant people cut down on their fat intake and that helps too. Read more...