Are there benefits to vancomycin or linezolid after no response from 1 year of pneumonia?

No. If one had 1 year of symptoms they don't have pneumonia that's not getting better, but another disease that is recurrent or progressive that causes similar symptoms (ex congestive heart failure, copd, interstitial lung disease etc.) or they have a problem leading to repeat bouts of pneumonia, such as a bronchial tumor etc. Vancomycin and Linezolid are antibiotics that cover staph.
See below. Your question does not make sense because people do not have bacterial pneumonia for a year. You can have chronic bronchitis, usually from smoking. You can have recurrent pneumonia usually from aspiration. You can have chronic lung infections from tb, atypical mycobacteria and fungi. Linezolid may be superior to vancomycin for MRSA pneumonia.

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Can vancomycin or linezolid help beat pneumonia that's lasted more than a year?

Yes. If caused by MRSA. Uncommon though to have suffered from pneumonia only for so long. I wonder if you have another co morbid or predisposing condition or maybe you got here through complications from a community acquired pneumonia.