Took a UTI test and tested positive for leukocytes but negative for nitrates. Took a STD test recently and was negative and blood work was negative. It burns after I pee once in awhile and penis itch?

Urethritis/Chlamydia. Leukocytes mean that there is inflammatory process.Positive nitrite test is positive when there is urinary infection due to gram negative bacteria. Urine positive for Leukocytes and neg nitrite in men can be due to Chlamydia infection in urethra It is important to establish the diagnosis as your sexual partner also needs to be treated with antibiotics.
Get urine analysis. get proper urine analysis if symptoms persist and if + can be treated and avoid further complications.

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Burns to pee. Penis hurt for around 2 days after sex. Mild epididymitis. STI tests negative. UTI test shows high leukocyte zero nitrate what could be?

2 days too early! See someone at the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Clinic. It may be way too early in the infection for the STI tests you took, to test positive. Have yourself retested at an STD clinic; during that visit, the details of your case may prompt the clinician to prescribe you antibiotics for at least a non-gonococcal urethritis. Read more...

My penis itches when I walk, burn when I pee, and I always feel like peeing every few hours. What do I have? Chlam/ gon/ uti? Stds

At . At minimum you may have inflammation of your urethra, but there is also a significant possibility of a sexualty transmitted disease. You will need to be evaluated to determine the cause of these symptoms. It is not so simple as throwing out a few symptoms and an online doctor can diagnose it. Please get seen soon. Read more...