My uperarm muscles are aching constantly my left arm ive had rotator cuff surgery turned in ti frozen shoulder over a year but still hurts?

C spine stenosis. have you had a cervical spine MRI? This might be a form of "sciatica" from a pinched nerve in the neck.
Ortho evaluation now. Chronic pain after rotator cuff surgery manifested by frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) can happen, especially in women between 35-60. If appropriate nonoperative management has failed to help for a year, you may need further surgery. Seek evaluation by a sports medicine trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder injuries. Advanced imaging (MR arthrogram) may be indicated.

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Had rotator cuff surgery oct. 22 then got frozen shoulder its been 6 months still pain and not all motion range is back?

Get 2nd opinion. Arthroscopic rc repair is a common procedure.'frozen shoulder' is a condition that can occur after repair or may have started earlier... If you are still having significant pain( on hydrocodone), loss of motion and don't seem to be improving then a 2nd opinion is never a bad idea.Try to see a board certified ors w/ sub specialty interest in shoulder surgery( if possible ).. Best of luck! Read more...