Does asthma affect women or men more?

Yes. Yes women. According to the cdc, the prevalence of asthma in women is 9.3% and men 7.0%. Women are more likely to die from an acute asthma attack than men. In 2007, 2, 173 women died while 1, 274 men died due to asthma. The rate of asthma deaths seems to be decreasing since 2000.
Yes. As mentioned previously the CDC does report a greater prevalance in women. It is also important to note the there are ethic and age diffrences as well. Children have a higher prevalance as well as african americans versus whites and latinos.
No. I am not sure, one thing i know is that asthma has a very strong connection with allergies. Would recommend to call a pulmonologist or call one of our healthtaps pulmonologist for a definite answer. Porbably genetic inheritance has a more definitive role. Please call healthtaps specialists. My line of practice is more on surgery and self-healing meditation to treat cancers and chronic illnesses.