Has anyone had problems with a lifestyle lift or threadlift procedure?

ThreadLift Procedure. I performed the threadlift procedure up until 2009. The attraction of the procedure to most patients was that it was a local procedure and gave good results. However, i now prefer to do fat injections or fat transfer to the face, which is also a local procedure. Read more about it here: http://www.Cosmeticsurg.Net/procedures/fat-injections.Php dr. Ricardo rodriguez baltimore , maryland.
Yes Indeed! A standard facelift is no exception however the complications are usually minor and limited complications I have seen after lifestyle lift which I've never seen after any facelift include, extreme partially reconstructable lower eyelid ectropion, silver dollar sized hole through a cheek, and refractory infections that wouldn't clear up until re-operation done. Use ASPS or ASAPS plastic surgeon only.