I had a mild lower back pain for 2 months. The lower vertebrae is sore to touch. Saw an osteo before which provided temp relief. How to fix?

LBP is a common sym- ptom and many have it. If its mild & not improving, I would start by being active with walking, swimming..... not only to be fit and have strong muscles, but losing weight (if overweight). If pain in back is the only symptom, then this will improve with time. However if its getting worse and is associated with leg pain & weakness, then MRI and seeing a Spine surgeon would be necessary. Good Luck.
EXERCISE. You need to start a program of regular back exercises (Your Primary Care Provider will have a list of Spine exercise) You must develop the muscles on either side of your spine (Paraverterbral muscles) and strengthen you sacral musculature all to KEEP A NORMAL ALLIGNMENT. The rest will take care of itself! Hope the helps Good Luck Dr Z.

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