I have IIH. The right side of my head, both eyes and ears hurt. Light/sound sensitivity. What is this?

Headache. I am not sure what the question is. You can rephrase the question. I do not know what II H is? It sounds to me on the surface that this may be a migraine. You should see your family doctor to start sorting through the issues .good luck and feel better!

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Have IIH, taking 50mg Topamax (topiramate) daily since Wed. Sympt. Worse. Head feels bruised on back. Ears/eyes hurt. Sound/Light sensitivity. Advice?

Side effects Topamax (topiramate) Topamax (topiramate) can cause rare eye complications such as acute angle closure, which is rare but it is worth seeing an eyeMD as soon as possible, especially if vision blurry or decreased in any way. MOre info: [email protected] Read more...