Is it normal to still have blurry eyesight 7 days after lasek eye surgery?

It can be. Visual recovery from lasek is slower than from lasik. Inflammation in the cornea can cause mildly reduced vision which should improve with time. Make sure you use the medications as directed and follow up with the surgeon as directed.

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Is it normal to still have blurry eyesight after lasek eye surgery?

Maybe. Depending on how long after surgery you are this may be normal. If you have completed your recovery then this could also indicate the need for an enhancement. May time the healing process can tak up to 6 months or more. If you are concerned I would talk to your doctor.
Blurry vision LASEK. Healing takes longer after lasek than lasik. But you should see like you did with glasses after about a week even so.

Is it normal to still have blurry eyes after lasek eye surgery?

Vision post Lasik. If you still have blurry vision post lasik surgery, it means the surgery did not completely correct your myopia either because you had really high myopia or because the surgery was suboptimal. Yu should see your doctor to have this answered completely.

2 weeks after lasek eye surgery I can see light redness in the white of the eye is that normal, ?

Depends. If the eyes are irritable no, but the best thing is contact your surgeon.
Probably. This could be an indication of a slight bruising of the superficial vessels over the white part of the eye. An exam with your ophthalmologist can diagnose it readily.

Could lasek eye surgery help anyone?

No. Lasik eye surgery is to help people who don't want to wear glasses or contacts. The procedure takes your prescription and lasers it onto your cornea. If you don't wear glasses or contacts, lasik won't help you. If you don't mind wearing glasses or contacts, then don't get the procedure done. If you are extremely near-sighted or far-sighted, it may not be for you.
LASEK. I can make anyone after lasek see sharper than they do now in glasses or contacts as long as they choose our hi-def customvue wavefront option.

Do you recommend the lasek eye surgery for all?

No. Not everyone is a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Go see a cornea specialist for an evaluation.
LASEK vs LASIK. There is nobody who can get lasik who can't get lasek. However many people who can't get lasik can get lasek. This is because lasek is the safer less invasive noncutting version of lasik. Only downside is a slightly longer recovery and slightly more discomfort. Trust me I've performed 6, 000 lasiks and 14, 000 laseks.

Any suggestions on where to go for lasek eye surgery?

Depends.... ..Where you live! Go to someone who has done at least a few hundred.
LASEK surgeons. To the best of my knowledge I own the only pure 100% lasek center in the us that's high-volume ie performs over 1000 procedures a year. My center park avenue lasek has the only lasek center in the us with acrefractive fellowship program meaning we train more lasek surgeons in the us than any center. We have more mds flying in from around the world to learn lasek and epilasek than any other center.

About how much does the lasek eye surgery really cost?

Varies. National average is just over $2000 per eye. Beware of discount centers which offer very low prices. This is only possible with substandard equipment and inexperienced surgeons.
Cost of LASEK. A few thousand dollars per eye. A few hundred dollars more per eye than the older cutting lasik procedure. Less than a decade of further contacts and eyeglass use!