Is alcohol contraindicated while receiving radiation for prostate cancer?

No not really. Moderate alcohol intake while receiving RT for prostate cancer is not likely to give you problems if it is consistent with your normal routine.

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My dad is 85 yrs old and has prostate cancer, started radiation treatment for 9 weeks mon-fri, isn't he to old to be receiving that much radiation?

May be unnecessary! It is reasonable to question this. Most prostate cancer is relatively benign and may exist for decades without spreading or killing someone. 80% of 80 year old men have prostate cancer (!) and very few of them will die from it. Radiation therapy can cause serious side effects. Your dad may be better off without any radiation! Get second opinions. If he goes ahead see http://tinyurl. Com/hhcnc99.

What are the side effects of radiation for prostate cancer?

Here are some... Radiation intends to kill cancers but always accompanying its collateral injury to all the tissues projected through. As a result, nature or features of all injured tissues may ensue leading to less ability to function and self-repair. Hence, urinary and/or fecal frequency, bleeding from rectum or bladder, etc. May develop. At times, feeling some tiredness may also happen to few. Generally, rare.

Psa was, 74 6 months ago now.84. Is that something to worry abt. Considering I had radiation for prostate cancer almost 5 years ago.

Possibly normal. It looks like you had a decimal point before the numbers, so I'm assuming that both of these values are less than one. Depending on what the psa values have been up until now, hopefully trending downwards and not up, a. 1 or less variation can b normal due to a variety of factors. If u or your md are concerned u could check again in 3 months as a short interval. Likely nothing to worry about.
Not necessarily. A change of 0.74 to 0.84 is not a terribly big jump in six months. You should continue to have the psa checked by your urologist. If the psa continues to rise, your urologist will determine if any further testing and/or treatment is indicated.

I've had external radiation for prostate cancer. My ejaculation is only drops most of the time, mainly clear liquid. How can I improve this?

Here are some. .. Your reported change in semen features is entirely expected because external beam radiation damages all the prostate, ejaculatory ducts and even seminal vesicles, resulting in shrinking all affected tissues leading to almost no more semen. So, you've to accept this fact as the price of radiotherapy. More? Ask Doc. But at least, you still luckily retained the feeling of orgasm. Best wishes...

What is the advantage of internal brachytherapy vs external radiation for prostate cancer? Seems as if everyone would prefer the external route.

Brachytheraphy best. Good question and there will be a many opinions. Well performed brachytheraphy places the radiation dose inside the prostate emitting it's dose outward to just beyond the edge of prostatic tissue. In low gleason score low volume disease this should be as effective as surgical removal. Need to assess voiding ability before the procedure. With ebrt surrounding tissues receive more radiation.
Convenience. Historically, there used to be greater advantages. There are many fewer advantages today, since external beam radiation has advanced greatly. You can save time by having brachytherapy. The advantages used to be greater. Cyberknife treatment offers all the benefits of both: only five days, and none of the bruising pain and bleeding of seed placement. Good luck with your choice.

Does focal radiation for prostate cancer weaken the immune system?

Not really. I'm not sure what you mean by focal (brachytherapy?) but with either external beam radiation or brachytherapy men do not routinely have their blood checked to follow their blood counts during treatment because the risk of having them decreased during radiation treatment is so low.
Possibly. External beam radiation is given to the prostate only. With modern techniques of imrt and igrt the radiation is spread out significantly over the pelvis which houses 40 percent of the bone marrow. The bone marrow is sensitive enough that in some patients we see a lowering of the white count and thus weaker immune system. This usually is very minimal and easily recovers on its own.
Immunity and XRT. Twenty five years ago we checked white counts (immune system) on every patient receiving radiation every week. We found very few of the patients had a decrease in the wbc. The patients that did had large volumes of bone marrow in the radiation fields. Patients getting chemo of course did too. Treating the prostate only will not result in a decrease in wbc.

I need external beam radiation for prostate cancer, will it have any bad effects on the rest of me?

Radiation proctitis. I can only tell you what I see as a gastroenterologist. Radiation can cause inflammatory changes in the lining of the rectum called radiation proctitis. It can be treated by a gastroenterologist with argon gas therapy if it occurs. Good luck.
not too bad. The majority of men do very well with radiation. During treatment there can be some fatigue, urinary changes and possibly some loose stools. Late term there can be a risk for erectile dysfunction, small risk for long term urinary changes, and especially with newer radiation techniques a small chance of rectal bleeding (proctitis).
Outcomes for. Prostate cancer compare quite favorably with surgery: they now have robots; we now have techniques that limit doses to healthy tissues. Proctitis rate is about 3%. Some depends on target, dose, genetic issues. Fatigue is in 1/3; no longer does any one get loose bowels. Erectile dysfunction depends on what you bring: we do not restore magic to wands that do not work. Age, smoking, dm, lipids add.