Is laryngospasm a symptom of asthma or of anaphylaxis?

Neither. Thiis is a reflex that occurs occasionally after surgery due to irritation of the larynx. It causes "roaring disease"in horses when they eat a plant that contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin b1. It is beause of an irritability of the recurrent laryngeal nerve that innervates the cords. Get rid of all sugar "junk" and try taking b1. See a nutritionist for details and look it up in wikipedia.
Tough to answer. If by laryngospasm it is meant, closing of the vocal cords with out swelling of the vc then no. However, there is an entity called vocal cord dysfunction, in which the vc closed inappropriately and cause "wheezing" and the pt is misdiagnosed with asthma. In anaphylaxis, the vc can swell b/c of the allergic reaction and cause problems.

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What's the difference in symptoms between exercise-induced asthma and anaphylaxis? When in doubt, what medicine should I use?

Airway. Exercise induced asthma is bronchospasm that occurs with exercise. The process is reversisble with and inhaler. Anaphylaxis can cause bronchospasm, but it is associate with massive histamine release and activation of other inflammatory markers that cause edema of skin and airways and this can cause hypotension. Read more...

Is laryngospasm a symptom of asthma?

No. Vocal cord dysfunction with closing of the vocal cords inappropriately can cause wheezing in the throat can mimic asthma. Vocal cord dysfunction is frequently associated with acid reflux disease. Rhinoscopy can be helpful in making the diagnosis. Speech therapy can be very helpful in treating this condition. Read more...