Is lamivudine the best medication for hepatitis b?

No. Lmivudine is one of the earlier medications released for treating both HIV and hepatitis b but it is no longer considered adequate therapy for hepatitis b due to the risk of viral mutation leading to resistance to the medication within the first year or two of treatment. A much better choice would be tenofavir aka viread, (tenofovir) which has a much longer life-span comparatively.

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Will lamivudine cure hepatitis b completely?

Possible yes. Natural history of hepatitis b leads to strong immunity against disease without treatment, Lamivudine is used for hepatitis b that is chronic( your body is unable to buld a strong immune responde against it and when the disease endangeres your liver function. Basically the drug slows down viral replication. So there is a chance it may lead to a complete halt of viral replication . Read more...

Is there a best weight control medication available with and without prescription for people with hepatitis b?

No. I am not a fan of weight control medications. Many of them are dangerous. Patient's with liver disease should be especially cautious. Nothing beats calorie control and increased activity. Read more...