What causes blood in the urine without a UTI, and will it clear up by itself?

Micro-hematuria. Microscopic hematuria is fairly common and often from a benign familial tendency. Unfortunately, blood in the urine is also often the only sign one gets from some conditions that need to be discovered, like bladder or kidney cancer or kidney stones. See a urologist for workup. It likely will involve an office cystoscopic exam and upper urinary tract imaging.

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What's the cause of monthly UTI and having a blood in urine?

Obstruction urinary . Most important cause is obstruction of urinary tract, diabetes, sexual activity in women.Urinary infection can cause blood in the urine so one who is having monthly utis needs to ba evaluated by a urologist and need the work up to find the cause and treat. Read more...

Pain in mid back left side that rotates some frontwards. Started as pressure month ago. Progressively worse. No uti, cystitis, or blood in urine. Causes?

Time to get checkup. Any pain that persists and gets worse over one month, requires medical check up to find its cause. I assume that you have seen a doctor who is looking into possible causes. Since UTI has been ruled out, I would focus on structures located in the left upper abdomen like Kidney, spleen, paraspinal muscles and spine itself. If the pain is more than mild, I would consider doing a CT scan of the abdome. Read more...