BC pills which contains 3mg Drospirenone USP and 0.02mg Ethinylestradiol IP is effective to stop periods??

Birth control. There are several birth control pills on the market with this dose of hormone. Birth control pills are effective at providing menstrual cycle control. Sometimes that are prescribed continuously to prevent menstrual cycles. Ask the doctor who wrote you the prescription if they meant for you to take them once daily as usual or in some other manner.

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Can we take birth control pill which contain 3mg Drospirenone USP and 0.02 mg Ethinylestradiol IP to stop periods...are they effective?? How to use it?

Possible. This is a pretty low dose pill. It is possible to experience breakthrough bleeding. Are you looking to regulate or completely stop periods? If stopping you would skip the placebo pills except for 4x/year. Read more...

I was recommend to take YAMINI LS which contain 3 mg Drospirenone USP and 0.02 mg Ethinylestradiol IP. Is it a gud pill and effective to stop periods?

Control periods. Assuming you still have a week of inactive pills, this pill should start to control your period so it is the week of inactive pills. This can sometimes take 1-3 months to get into this pattern. Read more...