I suffer from extreme anxiety. I googled ALS symptoms because of my thigh twitching and now I'm worried because my legs feel fatigued. Anxiety do thi?

Hey, tough guy! Everybody's thigh goes twitchy occasionally. I think it's from a nerve cell or two dying off the muscle getting extra-sensitive to circulating acetylcholine. Nobody knows or cares. If it's your tongue or if you're suddenly not keeping up in sports, you might worry. ALS isn't treatable anyway so it doesn't matter. Get on with your life. Best wishes.
Get anxiety control. Yes, anxiety can do it - and so can other things that are not as awful as ALS. Here's good info about that Dx - it's not likely - but you can drive yourself to be miserable. CBT therapy can teach skills to avoid, reduce and manage anxiety - there you can use this ALS fear as a target. It may involve a physical exam to convince/train you. It really can help avoid misery. Best!

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I suffer from anxiety. I had twitching in my thigh so I googled it. Now concerned about als. I'm starting to have fatigue. Anxiety cause this? I'm 34

Anxiety is at the. top of the list relative to your symptoms and ALS is at the bottom of the list. Please see your doc who will check. They you can get treated for possible anxiety disorder by a clinical psychologist. Peace and good health. Read more...