Would vascular surgeon amputate leg to stop long-term compartment syndrome pressure in leg/foot, if no ortho surgeon will release? Pain/muscle damage

Yes, to reduce pain. I'm trying to understand. It seems like at least one like has had multiple interventions for compartment syndrome with resultant nerve pain in foot drop. If the leg still has pain unresolved medical therapy, or it is not of any particular used to the patient. If that leg has become a handicap to the individual resulting in further decompensate, then an amputation may be the best option.
No. Amputations are only done in the most severe cases of infection coupled with poor vascular supply and compartment syndrome is neither.

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Multiple leg fasciotomies. Fascia scars shut & compartment syndrome returns. All closed imm. Stryker test high, muscle damage & cavus foot. Any ideas?

Try different PT. Hi there, I deal with compartment syndrome. I am not surgeon but sports med. The surgery is so hit or miss and your results are occurring about 20-30 percent of the time. Have you had graston type PT or a good manual therapist? I know people in different areas, you can find people on amssm.org if you would like. Read more...
??? I'm not sure what you're asking. You have recurrent compartment syndrome? How to treat the residual effects of cavus foot? Where was the C.S.-Leg? Foot? This is too complex for 400 words. See an orthopedic surgeon trained in foot and ankle. Read more...