Does coughing often mean I could have pulmonary fibrosis?

No. Doctors have a saying, "if you are standing on a plain in colorado and you hear hoof beats, dont turn around expecting to see zebras." there are so many other conditions which are more common that i would suspect to cause a cough. Infections like colds and bronchitis when coughing for a week to a month. Asthma or chronic bronchitis when months to years. Others can be found with xrays etc.
No. There are more straight forward and common causes of a chronic cough, such as gerd, allergies and asthma, so pulmonary fibrosis, while on the list, should not be the first thought.
No. Common things are common and the most common causes for cough are: 1) post-nasal drip, 2) asthma, 3) gerd. The incidence of pulmonary fibrosis is less than 20 out of 100, 000 people. Shortness of breath morseso than coughing is associated with pulmonary fibrosis. Also, you need to consider what chronic inflammatory processes or environmental agents (i.e., asbestos) you may have been exposed to.
No. Coughing frequently is not a specific indicator of pulmonary fibrosis. Persistent coughing is more likely due to allergies, asthma, copd, or respiratory infection. These conditions are far more common than pulmonary fibrosis, and fortunately much more treatable.

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