I'm miscarrying and having a D&C tomorrow. Do I need to wait before trying to get pregnant again?

Oh dear. I am sorry for your loss. Most doctors I know tend to recommend that you have at least two to three normal cycles before conceiving again. Be sure to continue taking your prenatal vitamins. Also, take the best care of yourself in other ways too. Get good nutrition, and the rest you need. Most of us need a little time to regain our footing. Be gentle with yourself. LGromkoMD.
Good Question. The answer is, no. You do not have to wait. Having said that, most women feel comfortable waiting at least one cycle before trying again. But, if you were to get pregnant right away, the data states that there is no increased risk to the pregnancy if happens right after a D&C, that you put the pregnancy at any risk. If you've had a miscarriage, it does increase your risk, slightly, for miscarr.