Hi, I'm 48 yo, have endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, pre-menopausal. CA 125 was around 200's then 159 the last one was 210 any concerns?

Likely, no. CA 125 is not recommended as a screening tool for ovarian cancer when used in risk-based stratification. Meaning, assuming that your mom or sister didn't get diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Normal for women with endometriosis to have elevated CA-125. It sounds like your doctor has done Ultrasound to evaluate ovaries as well. Your MD knows your history and risk, likely this CA-125 level is normal.
Monitor it but your. Your GYN doctor can monitor it. Right now it looks like it is related to Endometriosis but keep an eye on it so that its future rise can be monitored so that there is no hidden cancer(in which case it will progressively rise and keep rising higher)

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