I have a itching nose and an itching throat. How do I know if it is a cold or allerigies?

Give it some time. A cold usually involves symptoms of fever, chills, possibly muscle aches, and possibly foul drainage and sore throat. Allergies typically present with itching of eyes throat and palate, watery eyes, mucous or watery nasal drainage. Both colds and allergies have nasal congestion, fatigue, and sneezing as symptoms. Antihistamines and decongestant along with nasal saline are fine to use for both.

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I have a itching nose and an itching throat. So what is that allerigies?

Correct. An itchy nose and throat may very well be the result of inhalant allergies. Best advice is to consult an allergist. Another possible cause is dryness of the lining of both the nose and throat lining. Consult an allergist. Read more...