Can isovue cause kidney failure?

Yes. Need to check kidney function before you receive the dye.
Yes. Iso-view is a type of IV contrast dye used for radiological studies. It can cause kidney failure in some instances. The risk factors are increased age, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and the amount of contrast used.

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Could isovue 60 ml caused kidney failure?

It is possible. Iv contrast can cause temporary kidney problems. If your kidneys are not functioning normally in the first place, they are more susceptible to this. Your doctors should make sure that the benefits of the test that requires contrast outweighs any risks. There are medications that help reduce the risk if you must have the test.

Does isovue 60 ml cause kidney failure?

Not in Normal people. Patients with compromised kidney function are the only one suffer this complication. Enough fluid intake before and after administration of isovue will help on those patients. A person with normal function should not worry up to 150 ml of Isovue injection.
Usually not. Isovue is a type of iodinated contrast used in angiography, CT scans, and interventional procedures. It is mainly eliminated from your body in your urine. It should be used with caution or not used in patients with decreased kidney function or if your kidney is not functioning properly. It is generally safe to use with normal kidney function as long as you do not have an allergy to the agent.