What is acne and how to cure it??

Inflammation. and/or infection of oil glands in the the skin and pores of the skin/hair follicles. Therapy depends of the extent, severity and duration of the outbreak. Good skin hygiene with gentle baby soap and use of over the counter benzoyl peroide gel: 5-10% topically ( a thin film) AM/PM. Consult your physician for possible antibiotic therapy.

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What is acne and how to cure it?

Chronic disease. All simple explanations for acne are wrong. It's serious, chronic illness that arises from chaotic interactions in a milieu of sex hormones, bacteria, and changes in the skin. It's unrelated to hygiene and lifestyle and only marginally related to diet. It can't be cured until it remits on its own, but can be managed. If topical benzoyl peroxide is insufficient, your physician can add Rx to clear. Read more...