Are there any foods I can eat to heal my pulmonary fibrosis?

It's chronic disease. Pulmonary fibrosis is a chronic disease. It could be idiopatic, or as a result of other diseases like scleroderma, lupus.... No diet can heal your disease but if you have co2 retention than food low in carbohydrates will help with lowering of your carbon dioxide.
None. That I am aware of unfortunately but good nutrition is essential when dealing with chronic medical conditions.
No. I do not know what type of food will heal your pulmonary fibrosis. I have no knowledge of herbal medicine. Most probably you are being treated now by your pulmonologist with western traditional care. I completely agree with western traditional care. We have to treat the whole person: physical body illnesses, mind and spirit to be effective if interested l will be glad to help by calling my office.
No. Unfortunately no, unlike diabetes, no foods have been shown to cause or help pulmonary fibrosis. It is a disease that causes inflammation and damage to the lungs.

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