Could acne be related to infrequent ovulation?

Yes with PCOS. Pcos with infrequent ovulation also has an increase in the male hormone, testosterone. This causes an increase in oily secretions and more acne. Acne can range from very mild to the deep cystic kind. If you are not trying to conceive, birth control pills can help lower the testosterone and the acne.

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Could my acne be related to infrequent ovulation?

Hormone-Induced Acne. Acne is most often idiopathic (meaning we really don't know the cause). But in women, it can be a sign of hormonal abnormalities, especially when associated with irregular periods, weight gain/obesity, excess facial or body hair, or thinning of the scalp hair. The most common form of hormone-induced acne is polycystic ovarian syndrome. See your dermatologist, but also your gynecologist. Read more...