I have this burning feel back of neck/upper back. Could be hair irritating the skin or what could it be?

No way to know w/out. exam. Generally, hair doesn't irritate skin because it is actually a product of skin. It would be an irritant if you had ingrown hairs, and then on top of that, inflammation or infection of the follicles. What you have is pain signaling perceived to be from superficial nerve endings that lie in your skin. http://anatomy.uams.edu/nerves_back.html. An exam is best place to start to figure out why.

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Sides/back of neck hurt on/off. I get brief shooting burning pain in my head and ears. Shoulders and upper back sore to. Worse in the morning. Any idea?

Many possibilities. You are likely to be holding a lot of tension in your upper back and neck muscles. The question is why? At your age I would hope you could find more than symptomatic care. Posture, situational stressors, trauma, visual concerns, poor sleep, depression, toxins, etc. A good clinician can help you sort through the possibilities while providing symptomatic relief. All the best. Read more...