Can anxiety cause head jerking/twitching?

Head jerking or. twitching may represent a tic (spasm-like movements of particular muscles). Anxiety may aggravate or increase tics which are otherwise usually harmless but may be annoying and may be able to be suppressed. Anxiety management strategies are powerful. Tics come and go. If serious consult physician. Best regards.

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What should I do if I am worried about my 8 year old son's head jerking and twitching?

I'd check with the. General pediatrician first, but escalate to a pediatric neurologist before imaging. He needs a thorough exam to make sure these are not something to worry about. Read more...

Should I be worried about my son's head jerking and twitching?

I would certainly. Want his pediatrician to see him for an evaluation, but your worrying about it won't help you or your son. Read more...